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After becoming the market leader in behavioral marketing software in the US & UK, Wunder started its European expansion through the Dutch market in 2022. Goal: Become #1 personalization software for online retailers.

To achieve this goal, three key preconditions must be met:
– Generate awareness among specific online retail segment

– Generate demand among specific online retailer segments

– Build a high-quality pipeline of leads ready to buy


Focusing on online retail provides a clear picture of the Serviceable Obtainable Market and the players within it. CEOs and CMOs were introduced to Wunder through PR: lots of news and leading articles in their main media outlets. This group was then provided with in-depth research about the Dutch market, which allowed them to make informed decisions. To complete the circle, they were reconnected with Wunder via LinkedIn in their search for critical insights into the needs of their audience and ways to respond to them through personalization technology.


Within 2 months of the PR campaign, 100% of the target retailers contacted Wunder. This has resulted in closed deals and a strong pipeline, making it urgent for Wunder to expand its Dutch team.

In our quest to dominate the personalization segment within Martech in NL, Gradient helped us tremendously through a two-pronged approach: first, getting us on the radar of our target audiences and second, getting them very interested in Wunder's proposition through high quality content and hyper-targeted messaging. In NL, we are growing fast and well.

Wouter Koch, general manager Wunder NL

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