Collaborate on the transformation of B2B marketing

Join the best B2B demand marketing team in NL. Together, we define how B2Bs will do their marketing in the future.

Intern Design & Video

Creator in the making! Together with our creative studio, you will work on the creative side of marketing campaigns. You will additionally assist our internal marketing team with the production and distribution of video content. Meanwhile, you’ll learn all about the ins and outs of a marketing agency!

Work from your spot

Team Lead – SaaS Portfolio

Beloved leader for your multidisciplinary team. Together with them, you grow your SaaS customer portfolio by delivering quality work. You will work with leaders at B2Bs and be the one to ensure their revenue growth. Your domain: Strategy, Customer Delivery (NPS), Commercial and Talent Growth.

Work from your spot

Growth Specialist – Automation

Integrator of Marketing, Sales and Service. Connector of all touchpoints throughout the buyer journey with a single goal: convert leads to customers. Effective and efficient. Just like you.

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Growth Specialist – Performance

Growth accelerator for your customers. Architect of channel strategies. Expert in continuous performance tactics and optimizations. You go all in on revenue generation and growth.

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B2B Strategist

Enabler of transformation at our clients. Source of inspiration for your fellow Gradiators and the Gradient community. Driving force behind the Gradient Academy. That’s you.

Work from your spot

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