Only with 100% focus will you become the best. Therefore, we work only for large B2B ‘s or B2Bs that want to become large. We specialize in a few industries. This is how we create digital marketing solutions that make you the best in your industry.

HR & Staffing

At Gradient, victory begins in the “War for talent.”

Want to stand out? No worries. The HR and staffing market is competitive, but your unique value proposition and approach make the difference. We help you discover your unique characteristics so that potential customers are attracted.

Build trust with customers? HR and human resources are all about matching employers with the right candidates. Trust is crucial to success. We create, produce and distribute attractive and transparent content so that potential customers get a good picture of your services and candidates.

Entrepreneurial mindset? The needs and demands of employers and candidates are constantly changing. We closely monitor market developments so you can respond to changes immediately.


You fix your supply chain, we fix your marketing system.

Long sales cycles a problem? Our approach keeps potential buyers interested with tailored content to help them make informed decisions during each stage of their buying process.

Your message technically complex? No worries. We have the expertise to make them understandable to your target audience.

Competition? Check! With our incisive research tactics, we find insights that form the basis for your differentiation.

Limited range? With our CRM analytics, we uncover the most valuable customers and develop personalized campaigns for a quick yield boost.

No insight into ROI? Our analysts understand the challenges of valuation in the manufacturing industry with long buying cycles. They identify this quickly and provide thorough feedback to relevant stakeholders.

Saas / Tech

Having spent years developing and marketing SaaS ourselves, know how to successfully and scalably market a product.

Saturated market? The SaaS industry is competitive, standing out is difficult. Our bold research approach reveals the unique elements of your value proposition and positioning. We translate these into concrete approaches for differentiation and distinction.

Rising acquisition costs? With smart research, we quickly identify your prospects and implement a targeted targeting strategy, both online and offline.

Long sales cycle? Data analytics and smart lead generation shorten the cycle, while supporting potential buyers to make informed decisions.

Technically complex? Our bold marketers translate technical complexity into understandable language with engaging content.

Loyal customers? With our retention approach, we retain your best customers and encourage growth. Pushing boundaries and with results.

Business services

Welcome to the digital age. Service providers are challenged by changing business models. Digitization and recapturing your position are crucial.

Relationship building difficult? We use data and marketing automation technology to efficiently retain valuable interaction. With targeted content based on data analytics and automated workflows through HubSpot’s tools for email marketing, lead nurturing and customer data management.

Content creation a problem? Our creative marketers translate complexity into understandable content that clearly and convincingly communicates your value proposition.

Internationally active? Use data, targeting and marketing automation like HubSpot. We tailor messages to local markets, with personalized content based on recipient location.

Alignment with Sales in order? In your business, Sales is essential, but focus, goals, incentives and budgets are not always in sync. With workshops on communication, processes, shared KPIs and systems training, we bridge the gap and achieve speed.

B2B e-com

Stop traditional sales and start your digital transformation.

Whether you’re waiting for it or not: if you want to survive as a B2B, you have to transform digitally.

Do you have an ERP system, but lack a good digital marketing and sales tool? Do you have a traditional marketing and sales organization? Or struggling to reach your prospects digitally?

We make digital your main channel to generate quality leads, let customers easily order online and boost cross- and upsells and customer retention.

Work with Gradient to unlock the potential of digital marketing and accelerate your revenue growth. Making your company dominant in your industry: we're ready!