Scalability with automation in service industry

As candidate databases grow over time, The Employment Group (TEG) wants to access them on a regular basis for their clients, suggest relevant candidates and qualify them. Efficient and taking up minimal consultant time.

To achieve this goal, three key preconditions must be met:

  • Determining which candidate data is relevant to the client
  • Clarity regarding candidate profile match and customer needs (for automatic matching)
  • Creation of an automated process for seamless follow-up and qualification

Advanced segments are created to ensure that only candidates who meet the client’s desired job profile are selected. The customer then receives a recurring automatic e-mail suggesting the selection. When there is a candidate who fits perfectly in his/her organization, the client requests more information from the consultant in charge. After the application, it is up to the consultant to get the candidate qualified.

By working with this process, consultants can now spend their time more effectively: by making a better match, qualification takes much less time. Qualifying more candidates in less time leads to a significant increase in revenue.

"In times of scarce resources and high demands from our customers, it is vital for our organization to deliver better results to our customers faster. With this marketing automation project, Gradient helped us make significant strides in how we create value."

- Yolanda de Both, CFO of The Employment Group

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