The Culture at Gradient

At Gradient we care about identifying and enabling your strengths. From entry-level employees to senior leaders, we believe there’s always room to learn. You'll sharpen your skills on the job by working alongside top talent. Additionally, we encourage everyone in the company to dedicate 10% of their time to creative innovation; to explore ideas that you are curious and passionate about. 

Our culture is based on a few values were we encourage to:

  • Automate to innovate - developing solutions so we can focus on taking action;

  • Speak your mind - clearing the air;

  • Celebrate diversity - in work, in people;

  • Bold Faith - landing on our feet while taking a leap;

  • Team Connection - being there for each other, business wise and personal.  

Our specialists work in multi disciplinary teams delivering growth marketing, data analytics, data science and digital advertising services to our clients.

We want to create value, that is why we created the 5 steps for activating the gradient of the issues our customers face. These steps include: Identifying the pains and gains, Rapid solution design, Initiate the de-risk, Creating proof of value and Scaling the value.

"Being Gradient is a way of life, not a proces but an understanding, an FX (effect)"


Working at your dream job

Our stages of the recruitment process


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Job openings

Advertising Consultant

Digital Marketing | Amsterdam | Full-time (32-40 hrs per week)


Data Analyst

Data Analytics | Amsterdam | Full-time (32-40 hrs per week)


Data Scientist (Permanent & Freelance)

Data Science | Amsterdam | Full-time (32-40 hrs per week)


Front-end Engineer

Development | Amsterdam | Full-time (32-40 hrs per week)


Growth Marketer

Digital Marketing | Amsterdam | Full-time (32-40 hrs per week)


Junior Web Engineer

Data Analytics | Amsterdam | Full-time (32-40 hrs per week)


Lead Advertising Consultant

Digital Marketing | Amsterdam | Full-time (32-40 hrs per week)


UX Researcher (Permanent & Freelance)

Digital Marketing | Amsterdam | Full-time (32-40 hrs per week)