HubSpot launches 6 features that will make your life in B2B marketing even better

September is all about the INBOUND days. This is an annual event organized by HubSpot where the latest updates, product releases, gossip and trends are highlighted by speakers from the inbound marketing industry.

Were you not there or did it pass you by completely? Then you will probably be happy with the highlights of INBOUND 2019 in this article.

New features in this article

Duplicates duplicates duplicates duplicates duplicates

With the deduplicates tool from HubSpot you can duplicates on traces in your CRM. Using Artificial Intelligence, HubSpot uses data points such as name, email, location data and company name.

After clicking on manage duplicates a list of suspected duplicates of contacts or companies is generated. By merging or dismissen the AI model learns from your feedback and thus becomes increasingly intelligent.

manage duplicates
In two clicks, the duplicates tool generates a list of duplicate contacts

Double data, after all, is double work. On the one hand, your sales team puts unnecessary time and research into approaching the same contact. On the other hand, this person is approached several times with the same enthusiastic inbound marketing mail. So no fun for anyone.

So from now on, you won’t have to manually dig out duplicate contacts and transfer information. The deduplicates tool gives you a hand in your data hygiene, more efficient use of your team’s time, and above all, user-friendliness to your customers.

In a nutshell: Clean up duplicate contacts with HubSpot’s deduplicate tool

For whom: HubSpot Marketing Professional and Enterprise users

Free email marketing – no more need for a stamp

HubSpot has made the tools for Email (with improved drag-and-drop builder), Forms and associated dashboards accessible to all users. Before this, the tools were only usable after upgrading to HubSpot Marketing Starter.

The new drag and drop feature in the HubSpot email tool is free and easy to use

Mailing covers a good portion of a sound Inbound Marketing strategy. Therefore, it is good news that the basic functionalities of the email tool are free to try out.

So you can install a pop up, drag & drop your newsletter for absolutely free, and even monitor what your CTRs are on your CTAs. Plus, you can send an automated thank you email after signing up via a HubSpot pop-up form – your first baby steps in email automation!

In brief: expand free marketing tools with email

For whom: all HubSpot users

Social Post Boosting – shout your best post from the rooftops

Are you a marketer/entrepreneur who wants to start advertising but is not yet ready for the shark bay of Facebook advertising full of complicated budgets, audiences and optimization strategies? If so, HubSpot now offers access to the frog pool of paid social: Social Post Boosting.

Social post boosting makes it possible to give an – for example, already well-run – organic post a kick in reach. For a few dollars, you can control which audience outside your direct followers can see your post for how long.

The functionality is still in Beta, but signing up can be done at this link.

In brief: social post boosting now possible from HubSpot social tool

For whom: HubSpot Marketing Professional and Enterprise users

Native lead ad creation – download your leads here

We will stay with advertising for a while. In fact, you can now bring in leads even easier through Facebook with the improved version of HubSpot’s Lead Ad tool. 

With this ad type, you can directly ask someone to leave an e-mail address in exchange for a download, subscription or appointment.

Capture leads directly through social with the Native lead ad creator

After linking your Facebook Advertising account to HubSpot Ads, you can design the ad from copy to CTA. Choose the form fields, budget, location or saved ad audience. Ideal place to test some things: which copy gives the best CTR? Which audience is eager for your content?

All leads are of course neatly stored in the HubSpot CRM for appropriate and automated follow-up by your Marketing or Sales team.

Therefore, think carefully about what information you ask for from your leads already in this first moment of contact: only an email address or will you ask them the whole story? Test for the best.

In brief: expansion free marketing tools with ads

For whom: all HubSpot users

Publish anywhere reporting – follow your followers

With the introduction of HubSpot’s publish anywhere reporting   you can see at a glance how your social performance is doing. In the Marketing hub under Social reports, you can see the reach, interaction and trends of your social posts, regardless of what medium you posted the social post through – including third parties such as Hootsuite.

social data in hubspot
Insight into social performance with Publish anywhere reporting

Previously, social post statistics were only tracked in HubSpot if you had also posted your Instagram image or Twitter post through HubSpot. But who has time for the extra HubSpot step when the news is happening now? Moreover, there are no Instagram filters within HubSpot (the suggestion box is open here ).

From now on, you can track your Social performance closely, whether you posted it on your phone, Hootsuite, your intern or still through the Social Hub.

In short: social media performance measurable regardless of platform of placement

For whom: HubSpot Marketing Professional and Enterprise users

Business card scanner – paper is passé

For those who still like to use business cards, HubSpot has an important update: the business card scanner in the HubSpot app is now available for iOS.

While the world is still in transition from analog to digital, you may find that as part of business development, you may be handed a ticket. Wonderful souvenir for business development, but who still wields a rolodex as a CRM? After all, that’s what HubSpot is for. And that’s basically what HubSpot is, a scaled-up rolodex.

The business card scanner reads the information on the card and translates it into digital properties.  You can store, segment and track these contacts directly in your CRM with a streamlined lead nurturing machine toward a sale.

Besides, it’s an incredibly fun gimmick if you want to show that you’re a digital native at the next trade show.

In short: scan business cards to store your contacts in your CRM

Who: all HubSpot users with the iOS or Android app

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