Gradient is the best Digital Marketing agency of 2021!

Gradient is No. 1 in the Emerce top 100 Best Companies eBusiness-2021. And this with a rating score of 6.7 out of 7! This also places us among the top 10 Dutch e-business companies with the highest customer satisfaction scores. Since 1998, Emerce has been the premier multimedia platform for entrepreneurs operating in the fields […]

Winback: Activating sleeping customers using HubSpot Automation Software

HubSpot Automation Software

The problem A few months ago we determined, together with one of our valued customers (who prefer to stay anonymous), that we wanted to further develop their marketing automation efforts using the HubSpot suite. We particularly saw a big opportunity in winning back their existing customers that hadn’t purchased from them in a while. And […]

Building advertising campaigns more efficiently with Excel: 7 tips

There it is! Part 2 in the series featuring smarts for automating a multi-channel campaign setup. In part 1, we took you through the reason for and process of automating. Now it gets really interesting for the techies and Excel enthusiasts among us. In this article VLOOKUP (or VERT.ZOEKEN) VLOOKUP for location targeting. Data validation Conditional data validation […]

HubSpot launches 6 features that will make your life in B2B marketing even better

September is all about the INBOUND days. This is an annual event organized by HubSpot where the latest updates, product releases, gossip and trends are highlighted by speakers from the inbound marketing industry. Were you not there or did it pass you by completely? Then you will probably be happy with the highlights of INBOUND 2019 in […]

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