B2B Strategist

At Gradient, we’re not looking for perfection, unicorns, or any other words that don’t describe real people. So if you’re looking for a sign to apply, here it is.

Gradient is destined to be a top-tier “Talent Destination” for exceptional individuals who want to grow their careers long-term. We’re building the best B2B demand marketing firm in the world, so join us!

You’re a great fit for the role of B2B Strategist if the words ‘bold faith’ make you grin in the Pippi Longstocking sense. “Never done it, so I think I can do it.” This is our motto, we live by it. But also;

You’re entrepreneurial and have extensive experience in digital marketing and consulting.

You have a servant mentality, towards clients and Gradiator teams. Always practicing the ‘how can I help’ mindset.

Your default mode is of the inventive kind, coming up with solutions that will ‘probably work’ instantly. 

You are ‘fresh-sour’, in the critical sense, always thinking ‘how can we make this better’.

Leading the transformation of our clients’ marketing systems. Fixing them. Turning them into profitable revenue engines. By strategy building but also by inspiring clients and fellow Gradiators. You’ll also will be one of the drivers of the Gradient Academy, our long term accelerator for our intellectual growth.

– Excellent credentials
– Over 5 years strategy / account  lead role at agency, or
– Over 5 years B2B product / brand management at client side
– Relevant academic grade
– The guts to do our full assessment 😉

– Work from anywhere at #1 NL agency
– Excellent compensation + profit share
– Full access to Gradient Academy
– Kick ass office with free padel play
– Legendary parties and trips
– Macbook laptop
– Home office set up

You’ll work directly with our clients (VPs and CMOs at growth-stage B2B companies, primarily SaaS), and serve as the Head of Demand Generation for our clients, working directly with their Content, Creative, and Product Marketing teams, to set strategy and guide execution.

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