Owlin - Thought leadership in SaaS

How to become a thought leader in SaaS?

Owlin, an AI SaaS for Third-Party Risk Management (TPRM) and Market Intelligence helps large corporations to structure news and integrate risk and market insights into daily workflows.

Biggest challenge for 2022: significantly increase the inflow of high quality prospects whilst establishing thought leadership. Leveraging in-house knowledge and expertise as their competitive advantage.

Together with Owlin Gradient set out to build a strong multi-channel approach for thought leadership as part of a demand generation strategy. Continuously sharing and validating value propositions by a variety of messages and channels.

Getting messages across the right way

After carefully laying the groundwork by thoroughly validating ideal customer profiles (ICP) and personas, we could hit the ground running. Aim was to educate these ICPs unconditionally by providing valuable TPRM-related information, which came primarily in the form of white papers. Helping our targets to make well-informed decisions relevant to their buying stage. This content was distributed through a hyper-targeted LinkedIn campaign.

High quality pipeline and anticipated growth 

Marketing-sourced sales leads are nurtured well before being handed off to sales, setting the stage for explosive revenue growth. Real-time insights into lead stages and the overall sales cycle are being provided by our business-level KPI dashboard for continuous improvement.

"A new growth chapter with Gradient."

"Realizing sustainable growth - especially in challenging market circumstances - requires a combination of longer-term strategic planning and and strong tactical execution. Both results driven. Working with Gradient has resulted in short term impact on revenue whilst growing the top of our funnel structurally. We're set up for growth!"

- Stefan Pekel, Chief Growth Officer Owlin

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