We eat our own dogfood

We eat our own dogfood. Not in the sense that we repetitively do the same thing over and over again. It means that we constantly practice what we preach. 

We Automate to Innovate, yes we’re a lazy bunch ;-) We invest our time efficiently, always focusing on creativity and innovation and delivering the best results. Therefore we look for every opportunity to automate repetitive tasks.

That is why we created Finn.

Finn, our SaaS-product, delivers plug and play marketing intelligence: generating insights, actions and predictions for advertising and e-commerce.

Insights That Click For You

Our algorithms will teach what happened on your websites and why.



Actions & Alerts

We provide actionable alerts that will save you hours in Excel and Google Analytics enabling you to fix pain-points instantly.

Future Predictions

AI does the hard work of determining the future. You can takeaction now to optimize the outcomes of tomorrow.



Marketing and Ecommerce integration

Displaying audience clicks and shopping conversion on the same page. Enabling marketers to connect the dots between product sales and marketing optimization.

We use Finn as our automated marketing companion, constantly improving the quality and distribution of insights for our clients, and of our own business.

Visit finnsights.com for more features and information.